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Educational Purpose/Objectives

Educational Purpose

The educational purpose of Hanyang University is to develop the talents of its students and to encourage them to practice their individual abilities towards positively contributing to the advancement of society. Such progress is to be achieved through regular research efforts on both the theoretical and methodological aspects of education and the various processes involved. Hanyang's educational purpose is directly related to the university's founding philosophy.

Educational Objectives
학문적 수월성, 창의적 전문인, 실천적 지도자, 개방적 세계인, 헌신하는 봉사인
  • To maintain and promote academic excellence through active research and innovative teaching.
  • To develop professionals who are both highly educated and well trained in their field of expertise or specialization.
  • To train individuals with practical and effective skills to be applied for the benefit of society.
  • To cultivate world-class professionals who are able to understand and adapt to cultural diversity, and play an active role in the international community.
  • To produce public servants who can successfully meet the various challenges of their local communities while being versatile enough to also work in governmental capacities for the benefit of society.