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Dean’s Welcome

We will continue to strive for the further
activation of the site of information sharing

We look forward to sharing a variety of information about graduate school in Hanyang through this place.

We sincerely welcome your visit to the Hanyang University Graduate School website.
We look forward to sharing a variety of information about graduate school in Hanyang through
this place.

The Graduate School will make continuous efforts to further activate this site for information
sharing. We expect that the information that those who are interested in graduate school
have acquired through this website would be a great foundation for academic research.

The Graduate School of Hanyang University was opened with a master’s degree program in the three departments of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering with a total capacity of 9 people, based on the founding spirit of “Practice of Love”. Since then, as a result of continuous efforts and development, it has grown into a world-class graduate school where nearly 5,000 students delve into their respective fields of study.
Especially, the university has been awarded with the honor of being selected as the best university in the graduate school category for the 2nd anniversary University Comprehensive Evaluation in 2004, conducted by the Korean Council for University Education.

We believe that this achievement has been a fruit of all the efforts devoted to creating a high-quality education and the best research environment, and proof that our graduate school is a top-notch institution. Our graduate school will not settle for these achievements but is seeking a new leap forward to become the best research-oriented graduate school in Korea as we prepare for the 70th anniversary of the graduate school’s opening in 2023. We aim to make this graduate school a mecca that cultivates global leaders with academic excellence, practical excellence and humanistic excellence, and constantly develop academic and professional knowledge, by realizing excellent faculty, excellent students and excellent facilities through research reform, education reform, and administration and infrastructure reform.

Currently, domestic graduate education is facing a significant turning point. If it has been the current situation that we have been running forward for quantitative expansion, we believe it is time to pursue graduate education’s qualitative expansion under the indisputable proposition of globalization and digitization. Active exchanges with world-class universities, globalization strategies through the fostering of cutting-edge fields, and specialization strategies through the convergence between novel fields of study will serve as the stepping stone for becoming a “global research-oriented graduate school” pursued by this graduate school. Reviving the noble spirit of national salvation that Dr. Yeon-jun Kim has founded our university with, we will make our best efforts to become a world-class institution that produces globally talented people who can become the driving force for national development and contribute to joining the ranks of advanced countries.

I would like to thank all the faculties, staffs, graduates and students who have worked devotedly for today’s graduate school, and I ask for your continued support and interest for the upcoming growth to a world-class graduate school.

Thank you.

Dean of Graduate School,Hyunchul, Chung