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Course Registration

* For the course registration information, please be sure to read the guidelines for the course registration of each semester

How to register courses(on-/off-campus): Via Internet

How to

  • Click “Course Registration” on the top right before logging in to HY-in. (HY-in Login → → [수강신청(course registration)])
  • Click "[수강신청(course registration)]" banner in the top right side of the university main webpage (http://www.hanyang.ac.kr).
    (This program is made exclusively for course registration and other menus are not activated.)

Matters to consider

  • On the first day to 9:00 the next day of registration and course alternation period, registration and alternation can only be made on courses of belonging major and cultural classes(common subjects).

Even before the course registration period, syllabus is available at HY-in. (In courses view) However, freshmen with prerequisite courses and credit approval must confirm the classes and credits to view the courses. (Refer to P.43 3) 'HY-in's Intranet in the course registration procedure' ③,⑤ below for viewing menus)

Freshmen should search their student number and enter the HY-in.

  • How to: Click "[학번조회(Search student number)]" button next to Login window on the HY-in (Overall Information Portal) main page
Matters to consider in registration
  • When registering for courses, please take into consideration the statutes, bylaws, completion standards, test requirements, graduation dissertation submission requirements for each department and course, as listed at the graduate school website(grad.hanyang.ac.kr).
    (Check course credits under ‘My Home’ - ’My GPA/Graduation Requirements’ - ‘Graduation Requirements’ in your Hanyang Portal(HY-in).)
  • Please receive advice from the department offices on the mandatory courses for each department before registering.
  • Regardless of school enrollment status, course registration is possible. Students are allowed to take classes during the thesis preparation semester during term 4 of both the master or doctoral level.
    But, students who completed the master or doctoral course cannot take more classes.
  • After the course registration alteration period, registered courses cannot be altered neither cancelled. Therefore, students of the Graduate School must take extra care in course registration. (Graduate School does not have a credit abandonment system and all cancellations must be made during the given period.
  • The registered courses can be viewed and checked at anytime after course registration.
  • Course registration cannot be done on a student's behalf and after input of course registration, students must keep a hard copy of the class timetable.(Students must take full responsibility for disadvantages occurring from registration made on one's behalf and error in course registration)
  • Course changes can be made up to 99 times and the changed information must be saved.
  • There is no minimum limitation on the designated credits students must take in a semester.
    • Credits up to 12 can be registered and when including prerequisite courses, up to 15 credits is allowed for registration. However, in the case of prerequisite courses registration, the subject must be entered at the end in order for 15 credits to be registered.
    • “Research Guidance 1” and “Research Guidance 2” (2 credits) are not included in the credits required in each semester. These credits may be registered in addition to the 12 credits. (Students up to class of 2015 may apply)
    • As an exception, students in Master of Architecture and Master of Design Studies, Department of Sustainable Architectural Engineering may register for up to 15 credits. This may increase to 18 if the prerequisites are included.
  • Entrants of a different major with prerequisite courses in master and doctoral courses must select "View prerequisite courses" (“선수과목 수업조회”) on the HY-in System during course registration.
    A. Select "View prerequisite courses" (“선수과목수업조회”) on the course registration menu of HY-in to confirm courses.
    B. After viewing the prerequisite courses select "Registration" ("신청") of the subjects to register the present semester
    C. Students are advised to complete first-semester subjects in the first semester, and second-semester subjects in the second semester, so that they can acquire the required credits within a year after starting the course.
  • Students who have acquired the approved credits may not register for the same subjects as the one in which they have acquired the approved credits. “Same subjects” mean subjects with the same course number as each other.
  • In the case of re-taking classes for a better grade, the total required credit is not affected since the improved grade is a replacement.
  • For cases listed below, please contact the department office
    • No information about the class time, classroom, professor (Blank due to circumstances of each department)
    • No classroom designated or when marked as undesignated
    • The class registration booklet may differ with the information registered in the HY-in. At all time students must follow the information on the HY-in course registration program.
    • In case course registration blocked in prerequisite courses due to the excess of students (Students should request the person in charge of the department that operates the course)
  • Classes taken during the master course (with the same subject code), cannot be registered in the doctoral course. The school does not accept credits of the same subject.
  • While the graduate school is affiliated to the Seoul Campus, some lectures may be held at the ERICA Campus in Ansan, depending on the subject, professor or the lecturer. Students are strongly advised to check which campus each lecture is held at before starting course registrations.
HY-in's Intranet in the course registration procedure
Course registration notices "수강안내"
General guidance information on course registration
Department general classes "기본수업"
All major courses of the department is shown.
List of registered classes "신청내역"
All classes registered by the student are shown(→ Make a final check after you have registered for your subjects and made any necessary correction.)
Timetable of registered classes "신청시간표"
All classes registered by the student is shown in a timetable form and can be printed out.(→ Keep a print out copy of the timetable at all time)
Prerequisite courses "선수/인정과목 조회"
Entrants of a different major with prerequisite courses in master and doctoral courses must check the prerequisite courses.
General Courses for Undergraduate and Master’s Programs
General courses for Undergraduate and Master’s program courses can be found on the undergraduate course list.
The Graduate School's common subjects
Introduction to Research, Safety and Ethics for Global Science and Technology students
After the 2015 school year, students in the science and engineering field will be required to complete the research safety ethics as a required course (subject to the science and engineering field’s R&D subject)
Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Advanced Engineering Mathematics 1(Differential Equations), Advanced Engineering Mathematics 2(Linear Algebra), Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3(Probability and Statistics)
- For students who entered fro m the year 2007, the common subject is no longer a required course, therefore, students should feel free to select the subjects regardless of their departments.
Research & Development Management
Mandatory subject for students who have been admitted as University-Research-Industry Cooperative program of KIST. The subjects is exempt if doctorate degree course student have already taken the subject when in master degree course. Conducted every week at KIST.
Material Analysis, Surface Analysis
Subject for students who have been admitted as University-Research-Industry Cooperative program of KIST. Conducted every week at KIST.
Thesis and Journal Writing in English and the Analysis of Patent and Information are common subjects opened by the Graduate School. (Not compulsory)
Guidance of Research 1, 2 (Mandatory)
  • Humanities and Social Studies Departments - Class of 2009 to freshmen - class of 2015
  • Arts and Medical Science Departments fro m class of 2010 to freshmen - class of 2015
Students who qualify one of the above criteria with an assigned advisor may register for classes. (Although it is not a credit course for the semester or part of credits towards an academic degree, it is required as it included in the dissertation request requisite.)

※ Freshmen enrolled after 2016 will be required to enroll into a mandatory research course (Previously 1 and 2) provided by the overall department. (*Included in the credits per semester / graduation requirements)

Project 1, 2
Only students who are studying for a doctorate in science and engineering and have been assigned an advisory professor may make course registrations for this subject. The credit fro m this subject will be approved as your major course credit.
The Fourth Industrial Revolution Courses
Courses that are marked *FIR (The Fourth Industrial Revolution)

※ General Courses count toward graduation credits but are not regarded as major courses.

Attending other department subjects
Hanyang University Graduate School is flexible on issues of connected courses. If other departments' courses have relevance to one's major or have necessity for a thesis, the student can take the course after the approval of the advisory professor and the department head.
Course registration is done through the HY-in as in the case of general course registration and course registration and change can be done fro.m the Am 09:00 second day of the course registration period. Other department subjects are included in the graduation credits but are not confirmed as major course credits. To obtain approval as your major course credits, you must follow a prescribed process under permission fro.m your advisory professor and the Head of Department at the end of the semester. However, if it is a similar subject with your major and you have received permission fro.m your academic advisor or head professor of the department, the subject will be acknowledged as a major after you go through the application process.
Guideline for the course registration of Professional Graduate School
  • Assigned professional graduate school : Graduate School of Urban Studies, Graduate School of International Studies, Graduate School of Business, Graduate School of Law, Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Technology & Innovation Management
  • Only students in related departments can take the course. Please enroll in courses fro.m your assigned department office with the approval of the head instructor and lecturer for the course
  • A. Limits of credits by degree : Masters: up to 12 credits, Doctorate: up to 18 credits (Credits exceeding the limit cannot be accepted)
    B. Course registration period : Stated in each graduate schools’ academic calendar. Course registration should be done in the department office.
Guidelines of Credit Exchange for Course Registration

Course registration period

The schedule is subject to change; thus, please refer to the graduate school webpage (Graduate school homepage - Academic Affairs - Cross credit)/ Graduate School Administration Team (☏ 02-2220-0224)

How to

Fill in the form and submit it to the Graduate School Administration Team. The form can be downloaded fro.m the Graduate School web page -- Reference board-class academic report

Cross-credit Graduate Schools

Kangwon University, Konkuk University, , Kyonggi University, Kyunghee University, Korea University, University of Science and Technology, Kwangwoon University, Kookmin University, Korea National Defense University, Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Duksung Women's University, Dongguk University, Seoul National University, University of Seoul, Seoul Women's University, Sungkyunkwan University, Sejong University, Sookmyung Women's University, Ajou University, Yonsei University, University of Ulsan, Inha University, Chung-Ang University, Chungbuk National University, Korea National University of Education, Hankuk University of Foreign Study, Korea National Sport University, Korea Maritime and Ocean Univeristy, Hansung University, Hongik University, Korea Institute of science and technology (English Lecture), KAIST(Department of Intelligent Robotics), Courses fro.m Korea Institute of Science Technology (KIST) are all taught in English

Credit limit by course

Master 6 credits, Doctoral 9 credits, Master-Doctorate integrated 15 credits

Courses registered at other graduate schools can not be checked on HY-in, and grades can be checked after the grading period. The subject classification is recognized as ‘other major (general electives)’