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Issuance of Certificates

Issuance of Certificates
The Graduation or academic report certificate are issued through the Career Center(Former Hanyang Service Center), Automatic (Electronic) issuing booth, and through Internet.
Type For Issuance Center Purpose Fee
Certificate of Enrollment
(for attending students)
Enrolled students 1. Internet(HY-in) (Color printing services)
2. Automatic Machine
3. Seoul/ERICA academic affairs team
For registered students
(Not Leave of absence students)
Certificate of Leave of Absence Leave of absence
For temporary leave of absence
(provides the date for reinstate due semester)
Certificate of Expected Course Completion Enrolled students Certificate verifying completion of graduation requirements canbe issued to graduate students Yes
Certificate of Course Completion Course Completed students For students who have not finished the school course but completed the classes. Yes
Certificate of Enrollment
(for expulsion or leave of absence student)
Expulsion or leave of absence student For students who have enrolled before Yes
Official Transcript of Academic Record All Submission of academic report for another organization
(F grade excluded)
Certificate of Expected Graduation Enrolled students / Course Completed students Certification for students who will obtain a graduate school degree can be issued Yes
Certificate of research registration Students with all semesters completed 1. Internet(HY-in)
   (Color printing available)
For graduate students who has applied for ‘certificate of research registration’ Yes
Certificate of Degree Graduated students Office of Academic Affairs(Seoul/ERICA) Can be issued to students who need to change their personal information in their academic records Yes
Certificate of Scholarship Grant All Internet(HY-in) Confirming the receiving of scholarship. No
Certificate of Scholarship Granted (by semester) All   Confirming the receival of scholarship.
(By semester)
School register copy All   Same certificate as a school register. No
Certificate of Paid Registration All   Certificate for registration confirmation by semester No
※ Fee: Registered students-Korean doc. 500 won, English doc. 1,000 won
    Graduated students- Both Korean and English documents 1,000 won
※ For more information refer to main Web
     Seoul : http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/web/eng/certificate-of-verification
     ERICA: http://www.hanyang.ac.kr/web/www/diploma_erica
The electronic issuance of certificate kiosk
Installed locations
  • Seoul Campus: Hanyang Plaza 1st floor (To the right of the automatic door at the center of the building) Student Union Building 2nd Floor ,HIT 1st floor
  • ERICA Campus: Next to 7-ELEVEN convenience store (in front of the stairs leading to the prime lounge on the 3rd floor)
Automated machine operating hours
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

※ Academic Service Team opening hours: 08:30 to 17:30((Lunch 12:00-13:00)

Internet issuance(E-verification)

It is possible to issue the documents through direct printing (color printer) for 24 hours with installed PC and printer.

How to apply

  • Access to http://portal.hanyang.ac.kr
  • Log in > Click Certifications & Verification> Click E-verification> Click Apply for Internet Certificates> a new screen for Online Certificate Issuance> Using online Issuance
Dispatch by post
Through Portal HY-in

[The Hanyang University Portal] ⇒ [Login] ⇒ [증명신청및발급(Certificate application and issue)] ⇒ [우편증명발급신청(Application for dispatch by post)]

  • Matters to consider
  • 1. Students who did not return the books cannot be issued for verification, so they can return the unpaid books and then reissued.
    (Enquiry: Paiknam Academic Information Center & Library Check-in Desk: ☎ 82-2-2220-13670
    ERICA Academic Information Center & Library Information: ☎ 82-31-400-4250)
  • 2. For an English version of a certificate, students must enter the English name on HY-in before applying.
  • 3. Certificate of prospective graduation from graduate school: This certificate will only be issued to those who are actively enrolled during their final semester; have completed or are completing all required credits; and have passed, are taking, or are scheduled to take all prerequisite courses
    (Issuing period - 1st semester: from May 1st, 2nd semester: from November 1st).
  • 4. Certificate of prospective graduation with a graduate degree: This certificate will only be issued to those who have completed their thesis application and made a payment for the thesis defense presentation
    (Issuing period - 1st semester: from May 1st, 2nd semester: from November 1st).
Executive agency FAX civil service application
  • Where: located nationwide in town/village dong offices (The FAX civil service application)
  • The executive agency fee: For each type of certificate: 1,300won / 300won for each additional certificate
  • Civil service division: Hanyang University Registrar's Section
    - Tel: 82-2-2220-0067~8 / Fax: 82-2-2220-0069