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Students must register by the designated registration date each semester, and the registration process is finalized after a payment is processed.

Students must register for Master’s courses and Doctorate courses for four semesters and eight semesters for the combined Master’s and Doctorate program (It can be shortened to 6 semesters if one earns the required credits.). Those who complete their course of study can pay their research registration payment a maximum of two times in the Master’s program and six times in the Doctorate program as well as in the combined Master’s and Doctorate program.
Registered students enrollment

Registration procedure

Tuition payment procedure

Using Shinhan Bank virtual account in payment

  • Each student is given a different account number for the payment, thus students must pay according to the virtual account number on one's tuition payment notice. (It does not necessarily need to be in the student's name)
  • In all domestic banks (Post Office, Credit Union, Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives included) and in all channels (Bank windows, ATM, Phone-banking, Internet-banking etc.), without making an account payment is still possible. (However, the service charge can differ depending on the bank)
  • Bank operating hours: Monday ~ Friday 09:30 - 16:00 (Internet-banking and Phone-banking included)
  • The service charge is waived if banking is done through Shinhan Bank.

Making direct payments

  • Once you have a print out of the tuition payment statement, direct payments can be made at any of the following banks: Kookmin Bank, Nonghyup(Central, Regional), Shinhan Bank (nationwide)
Tuition payment confirmation

Shinhan Bank webpage (http://www.shinhan.com)

  • Once a payment has been made, it can be confirmed by visiting the Shinhan Bank website.

From 12 p.m. on the following day, a tuition payment confirmation form can be printed out online by visiting the Hanyang Universitywebpage (http://www.hanyang.ac.kr)

Payment in installments

For : Applicants among enrolled students who need financial assistance (Freshmen, Re-admitted students and research students excluded)

Times : 4 times (Students who have applied for installment payments during the additional application period may submit a total of 3 payments beginning from the second installment payment period to the fourth installment payment period.)

※ Tuition can be paid in three installments.
※ Temporary leave or a voluntary leave application can be made only if the tuition payment is fully paid prior to the application.)

The divided payment procedure

Matters to consider

  • Even after the divided payment application, if a payment is not made within the first 1st payment period, the application will be automatically cancelled.
  • Overdue payments in excess of three times automatically disqualify the student from any further participation in this payment plan.
  • If the second, third portion of the tuition is left unpaid, the student faces expulsion due to incompletion of payment.
  • After the first a third payment, if there exists any further scholarship for tuition reduction, the payment will automatically be reduced in the second, third payment.
  • Temporary leave of absence or voluntary leave is unapplicable when the second and the third is not fully paid.
  • In cases where there are many students applying for the same tuition payment plan, school management has the right to restrict the number of applicants considered.
  • If a student fails to make installment payments more than 3 times, he or she may lose eligibility for installment payments.
Extended studies registration

Students who extend their studies (Until the 4th term - Master-Doctorate integrated course student: until the 8th term - Students who lack of the graduation credits), the payment notice is sent after the course registration are done. The tuition is calculated according to the credit registration.

Tuition fees per registered credit

  • 1~3 credits: 1/2 of the semester's tuition
  • 4 credits or more: Semester's full tuition

※ Those who receive a graduation deferment must register for courses, and if one registers for ‘0’ credits, the entire payment can be requested