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Foreign language examination

※ Foreign language examination : Please check the notice from the university graduate school website

Applicant requirement
All students of the Master course, Doctoral course and Master-Doctorate integrated course can take the examination from the 1st term and must pass before the application of the thesis.
Application period
1 week prior to the start of each semester (Apply during the last weeks of February and August / Thursday ~ 3 days, application fee is added) (subject to change under certain circumstances)
How to apply

internet application : [login to HY-in] → [graduate school language/general] → [apply for language test]

payment of application fees : [login to HY-in] → [graduate school language/general] → print bill at [graduate school language/general], send payment to individual virtual account (application fee : 10.000 won/1 subject)

※ defaults in application fee payments will result in cancellation

Examination date
Every March and September on the second Saturday of the month at 9:30 am. (Subject to change)
Examination location
Seoul Campus Engineering Building I (clock tower building)
Examination subjects

Master : English(Students with citizenship in English-speaking countries need to take the Korean exam.)

Doctoral & Master-Doctorate(Students with citizenship in English-speaking countries need to take the Korean exam.) : English, elective second foreign language (For some specific departments)

※ Second foreign language subjects : German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese characters, Russian (1 from above 7)
※ Second foreign language requiring departments
- Department of Korean Language & Literature, English Language & Literature, German Language & Literature, Chinese Language & Literature, History, Philosophy, Theater & Film, French Language & Literature, Cultural Anthropology, Law

In case of foreigners : The mother tongue cannot be selected

  • Master: Select between either English or Korean.
  • Doctoral & Master-Doctorate: Select between either English or Korean and for the department requiring a second foreign language, students must pick from the second foreign language list above.
    Foreign students whose first language is not English can choose English as a second language.
※ Countries with English as native language : USA, Canada, England, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Guyana
Submission of documents for exemption in a foreign language (English or Korean) (see graduate school website announcement)

Students who submit the original transcripts from qualified institutions within the period of acceptance can be exempted from taking the foreign language(English or Korean) exam. If student cannot submit the original document, they must bring the copy of document to compare with the original.

Only grades that are valid up to the announcement date of successful applicants are valid.

Submit all documents to the graduate school administration team

The official foreign language substitution score standard
The official foreign language substitution score standard
Language English Korean
PBT CBT IBT Level 2 Level 3
Engineering, Medicine, Liberal Arts, Natural Sciences 730 550 213 79



67 89 6 150 590 4
Arts and athletics 590 500 173 61



50 69 5 140 400

※ In the case of Korean, only students with foreign citizenship may apply/TEPS ( ) criteria are based on performance before May 2018.

Doctoral and Master-Doctorate courses: Second foreign language textbook information
Doctoral and Master-Doctorate courses: Second foreign language textbook information
Subject Textbook Publisher
German Basic German course(with new orthography Bundo Books
(By Lee, Won-yang)
French Cours de Langue et Culture Francaises 2 Hanyang Univ. Publishing Division
Japanese 現代語??問のすすめ 筑摩書房 [福澤諭吉 저] , 2009
Chinese Reading Chinese Culture Hanyang Univ. Publishing Division
Spanish Spanish Text walk South Korea Foreign Language University Press
Chinese characters Understanding of Chinese characters Hakgobang (By Lee, Jae-don), 2017
Russian Current Russian Huh Young-Chul Konkuk Univ. Publishing Division
※ Textbook purchase : School book store(02-2220-1851)
※ Japanese text book is a imported booked and could be purchased through online book store(takes about 10 days)
Substitutional English lectures (For the English examination)
  • Requirements: Among volunteers of those who did not pass the English test of foreign language (English) test more than once
  • Application period: Early June, Early December
  • Lecture time: During the vacation for 4 weeks. (Mon-Fri evenings / 3 hours a day) (total 60 hours)
  • Fee: 385,000 won (2020 Winter Lecture Standard)
  • Benefits: Students taking this lecture are not required to take the foreign language examination.